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You'll love these 40+ Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes and Menu Ideas! All your favorite holiday classics are now low carb keto recipes - with no sacrifice on taste. Trying to figure out what to cook for Christmas? No problem! Check out our 4 planned menus or mix and match your own for the perfect Christmas dinner. Happy Holidays!

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Why You'll ❤️ This Keto Christmas Dinner

The holiday season is tricky for those of us on a low carb keto diet - including me. Let's be honest, it's totally frustrating because we just want to eat "normal" stuff, right? I typically spend the holidays falling off the wagon and then feeling guilty.

I am going to set myself up for success by making these recipes for my keto Christmas dinner. They are great stand-ins for the original classics. In fact, many of these recipes are BETTER than the original.

How great would it be to head into Christmas without feeling guilty and be able to satisfy those cravings?? Let's do it together! Check out these fantastic recipes, and let me know how you like them!

✔️ Want more information on what's okay to eat when following keto? Check out this free downloadable keto foods list and shopping list.

How to Plan A Great Holiday Menu

Planning a delicious keto Christmas dinner is as simple as choosing 1 or 2 appetizers, your main course, 2 side dish recipes (or maybe more), and a dessert. We've provided all the keto recipes you need to plan a great menu. See the menu plans below.

"These keto Christmas dinner recipes are all fairly easy. When planning your menu, make sure to balance challenging or more time-consuming recipes with easy, no-fail ones. The goal is to enjoy your holiday - but stay on your keto diet!" -Kori

5 Christmas Dinner Menu Plans

Here are the best keto Christmas menu plans for your holiday dinner table! Enjoy!

Prime Rib Roast Dinner Menu

  • Ham Roll Ups or Pomegranate Maple Bacon Cream Cheese Dip
  • Prime Rib Roast
  • Zucchini Casserole
  • Mashed Cauliflower with Keto Gravy
  • Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pomegranate and Pecans
  • Cranberry Trifle

Ham Dinner Menu

  • Shrimp Dip or Charcuterie Board
  • Brown Sugar Bourbon Ham or Slow Cooker Ham
  • Cauliflower Cheese
  • Crockpot Green Beans
  • Chocolate Torte

Roast Goose Dinner Menu

  • Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Christmas Goose Recipe
  • Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad with Pomegranate and Pecans
  • Crockpot Green Beans with Ham
  • Almond Butter Cake

Turkey Dinner Menu

  • Ham Roll Ups
  • Juicy Turkey Recipe or Slow Cooker Turkey
  • Green Beans with Bacon and Cheese
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Low Carb Keto Stuffing Recipe
  • Mashed Cauliflower with Keto Gravy
  • Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Here are some of the best keto Christmas recipes! It'll be a cinch to pull together the perfect holiday dinner.

Festive Keto Appetizers

You can never go wrong with any of these delicious appetizer recipes!

Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (2)
  • Christmas Charcuterie Board: Make a gorgeous wreath or tree for the holidays!
  • Pomegranate Maple Bacon Cream Cheese Dip: VERY festive and tasty. It's an easy to throw together cold dip you'll love.
  • Ham and Cheese Roll Ups: Ham and cheese roll-ups were on every holiday menu when I was growing up. They bring back such good memories. You can easily customize them, and they're super easy and fun to make!
Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (3)
  • Frikadeller Danish Meatballs: These traditional Scandinavian meatballs are baked instead of fried, making it much easier and less time-consuming - AND they can be made ahead of time. Serve with a side of lingonberry preserves, cranberry sauce, or warm brown gravy for dipping.
  • World's Easiest Shrimp Dip: A 3-minute, 3-ingredient shrimp dip. Seriously - cream cheese, shrimp, and co*cktail sauce. I keep all the ingredients on hand so I can whip up this amazing dip when an unexpected need arises. Make sure to use sugar-free co*cktail sauce.
  • Cheesy Pizza Dip: This dip is a HUGE family favorite. No party is complete without it at our house. Use your favorite pizza toppings too! The best low carb keto pizza dip!
Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (4)
  • Zucchini Carpaccio: Zucchini Carpaccio is a fresh, easy appetizer that complements so many other recipes. You'll love the goat cheese with balsamic drizzle with fresh thyme!
  • Shrimp co*cktail: Shrimp co*cktail with homemade sugar-free co*cktail sauce is always a classic appetizer.
  • Bacon Wrapped Asparagus in the Air Fryer: Delicious and easy to make in your air fryer!

Christmas Main Course Recipes

Your keto Christmas dinner will not be complete without the perfect main dish!

Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (5)

Beef Recipes

  • Prime Rib Recipe: The best prime rib roast recipe ever! So easy to cook, and the salted olive oil and herb crust creates amazing flavor. This is the perfect roast beef for a dinner party or holiday gathering.
  • Pan-Seared Wagyu Ribeye Steak: A Wagyu ribeye steak makes a wonderful addition to your holiday table. You'll love these pan-seared to perfection wagyu ribeyes!

Ham Recipes

  • Easy Brown Sugar Bourbon Glazed Ham: This sugar-free brown sugar bourbon-glazed ham is so delicious - and super easy! A perfect keto and low carb holiday recipe!
  • Slow Cooker Ham With co*ke and Brown Sugar Glaze: Using sugar-free cola and your slow cooker, this is a super easy ham recipe resulting in a perfectly cooked moist ham that is glazed in a delicious butter brown sugar bourbon sauce. So good you won't believe it!
Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (6)

Turkey Recipes

  • Juicy Turkey Recipe with Crispy Seasoned Coating: Yes, really. Shake and Bake, Baby! This juicy turkey recipe is a super easy, fuss-free turkey that is tender and juicy with a delicious keto copycat shake and bake seasoning mix. This turkey will be a huge hit with your family and guests!
  • Italian-Style Slow Cooker Turkey Breast: Moist and juicy turkey breast, easily cooked in your slow cooker! This is a very simple and hands-off way to cook a turkey - the perfect thing for a busy holiday!

Other Main Course Recipes

  • Christmas Roast Goose Recipe: Roast goose is a traditional Christmas recipe that everyone looks forward to during the holidays. It's actually quite easy to roast a tender, rich and juicy goose for the holidays!
  • Cordon Bleu Stuffed Pork Loin: A beautiful tender pork roast stuffed with ham, swiss, and spinach.
  • Semi-Boneless or Boneless Leg of Lamb: A perfectly cooked leg of lamb is so easy with this recipe!

Holiday Side Dishes

Keto Salads

  • Fresh Cranberry Sauce: This cranberry sauce has a citrus twist that you can’t resist! You can feel good about serving this whole berry cranberry sauce at your next holiday dinner - no one will know it's sugar-free. I make it every year.
  • Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad with Pomegranate and Pecans: This salad can be tossed together easily by pre-prepping your ingredients ahead of time. A fresh salad is the perfect side dish to complement richer foods and meat.
  • Layered Overnight Salad: This has always been one of my most popular recipes! Make it keto by swapping out keto-friendly vegetables.
  • Cherry Tomato Caprese Salad: This is the PERFECT salad for Christmas dinner - it's red, white, and green - and super simple to make.
Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (7)

Vegetable Side Dishes

  • Crockpot Green Beans with Ham: This is one of my go-to recipes for every holiday meal. It's super simple, hands-off, and everybody loves it.
  • Green Bean Casserole With Cheese and Bacon: With green beans, onions, garlic, melted cheddar cheese, and bacon blended together in a creamy sauce and crispy topping - this will be your new favorite side dish.
  • Baked Zucchini Casserole With Cheese: I LOVE this casserole and make it all year long. With carrots, zucchini, and a cheesy sour cream herb sauce - this zucchini casserole is so dang good! Assemble ahead and bake when you're ready.
  • Cauliflower Cheese Casserole: Cauliflower cheese casserole is creamy and cheesy and super delicious! The perfect low carb side dish that pairs well with many recipes, but for the holiday you'll love it with turkey, ham, goose, and even roast beef.
  • Buttery Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes: I seriously love this mashed cauliflower recipe! They are creamy and buttery - and not watery (that you find so often in other recipes). Give them a try!
  • Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprouts: So delicious! Make these keto friendly by using a sugar free maple syrup substitute.

Keto Side Dishes

Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (8)
  • Make Ahead Rich and Thick Keto Gravy: This has been my go-to gravy for YEARS and the only one I will ever make. Why? You can make it ahead, even freeze it if you want. You can reheat it slowly on the stove - or in a crockpot. It is thick and delicious.
  • Keto Sausage and Bread Stuffing: Stuffing made easy with store-bought keto bread and delicious with herbs, onion, butter, celery - and sausage. I made this for my family, and no one had a clue it was keto. 😉

Keto Holiday Desserts

Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes + Menu Ideas | Seeking Good Eats (9)
  • Low Carb Keto Cranberry Trifle Recipe: This is actually a combination of two different recipes almond butter cake and sugar-free cranberry sauce. It's very easy to assemble and tastes amazing. I used individual-sized trifle dishes to make it special, but you can you a large trifle dish.
  • Keto Chocolate Torte Recipe: This keto Chocolate Torte Recipe is simply the most delicious and decadent tasting dark chocolate cake. This is not a dry or crumbly textured cake. Think of it as part cake, part brownie, and part fudge. Topped with chocolate ganache and whipped cream it is so amazing.
  • Almond Butter Cake: An utterly delicious cake that tastes just like a Danish pastry! Seriously. Think slightly denser buttery pound cake drizzled with an almond glaze. Serve it alone or with a raspberry sauce.
  • Raspberry Coconut Bars: These are absolutely delicious and sugar-free. Since they're so pretty they make a perfect addition to your cookie platter!
  • Crockpot Chocolate Peanut Clusters: These are addicting. Fair warning! 🙂 Super simple Christmas keto chocolate candy in your crockpot, these have peanuts, sugar-free baking chips (both chocolate and butterscotch, plus peanut butter. Oh my.

Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes to help you stay on track and enjoy the holidays! These holiday recipes are so good you can serve to everyone - even those not on a ketogenic diet. From holiday roasts, prime rib, glazed ham, healthy side dishes, and tasty keto desserts, you're sure to have a happy holiday! Tips for planning the perfect holiday dinner! Happy Christmas! #keto #lowcarb #Christmas #thanksgiving #holiday #ketodesserts #ketorecipes #seekinggoodeats #ketodinner #holidaysidedishes

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