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The Air Jordan 12 is the twelfth signature Jordan shoe. They debuted in 1996 and released to the public during the 1996-1997 NBA season.

The Jordan 12 was another Jordan model designed by the legend Tinker Hatfield. The Jordan 12 was the perfect follow-up to one of the greatest Air Jordan Models, the Air Jordan 11. MJ would go on to win yet another NBA Championship and lay the groundwork for his second three-peat. The Jordan 12 was also the first shoe Jordan Brand launched as its own brand, separate from Nike.

The Jordan 12 is an excellent on-court performer, even by today’s standards. The shoe features full-length Zoom Air cushioning, a carbon fiber torsional shank, and some of the best traction on a retro Jordan.


Air Jordan 12 Low Golf Performance Review

When the Jordan Brand started expanding into the golf world, I was their target demographic. I’m a basketball player at heart and always will be. I bought the Jordan ADG golf shoe and loved them so much, I bought a second pair. But when it came to the Retro releases like the Air Jordan 12 Low Golf, I was hesitant

May 3, 2023

Air Jordan 12 Black Taxi Review

The Air Jordan 12 Black Taxi is a great colorway that’s going to be easy to match with any outfit – on and off the court. Colorway: Black/Taxi Release Date: December 3, 2022 Price: $200 The Air Jordan 12 is one of the most recognizable sneakers ever, although that could be said for almost all early Air Jordans. We’re familiar

December 5, 2022

Air Jordan 12 Stealth Review

The Air Jordan 12 Stealth isn’t a cool grey colorway, but it’s the closest you get without the shoe being an actual cool grey. Colorway: Stealth/White-Cool Grey Release Date: August 20, 2022 Price: $200 The Air Jordan 12 was the first shoe made under the Jordan Brand umbrella without using Nike branding anywhere. 25 years later, we’re still getting releases

August 1, 2022

10+ Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2024. Expert-tested and Reviewed.

Check our top picks for the Best Outdoor Basketball Sneakers. If you have play a lot outdoors, check out our definitive list to get ready for the blacktop.

March 15, 2022

Air Jordan 12 Playoff 2022 Review

The Air Jordan 12 Playoff 2022 may seem basic with a mostly black and white color scheme, but the history and significance of these to Jordan-heads cannot be underestimated. This retro release isn’t perfect (none truly is), but there isn’t much to complain about either. They’re still comfortable. Still nostalgic. Still extremely stylish. Whether you’re getting these to play in

January 28, 2022

Air Jordan 12 Royalty Review

TheAir Jordan 12 Royaltylooks like a very well-known colorway, but just isn’t it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad look though. Jordan Brand tweaked things just enough for it to have a life of its own, while also giving off that classic Taxi look. The Air Jordan 12 Taxi resells for quite a sum of money. If you’re looking for

October 20, 2021

Air Jordan 12 Utility Review

The Air Jordan 12 Utility is a new version of a 1996 classic. On the outside, it doesn’t look like they changed much, but the outsole speaks for itself. With Nike’s new Move to Zero campaign, this is one of the first Air Jordans, retro or not, that joins the ranks. The tongue was tweaked as well and the beautiful

August 16, 2021

Air Jordan 12 Twist Review

The Air Jordan 12 Twist is named strangely, but the colorway itself is clean enough. It’s predominantly white with little hints of metallic red in just the right spots, which made us wonder if this was a continuation of a series that the brand did a few years back. These may not be the classic 12’s that everyone wants, but

July 19, 2021

Air Jordan 12 Obsidian Review

The Air Jordan 12 Obsidian isn’t a new shoe, but it’s nice to bring back something iconic every once in a while. These looked like the Playoffs, but not really, which gave them their own life amongst consumers. Though these sneakers last released in 2012, and that’s the pair Chris has, they’re still a nice shoe for today’s sneaker scene.

June 18, 2021

Air Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game

The Air Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game, a flipped colorway of the classic Flu Game Jordan 12 colorway, releases December 26, 2020 for $190. The December release is fitting because this is a colorway you could easily rock while wearing a Santa suit.

December 15, 2020

Air Jordan 12 Dark Concord

Even though Chris wasn’t able to get a pair when they released last month, he’s now tracked down a pair of the Air Jordan 12 Dark Concord for a detailed look and review. Surprisingly, many of our readers and viewers are really into this shoe. We received a ton of requests for Chris to review it. So don’t wait any

November 10, 2020

Air Jordan 12 Indigo

The Air Jordan 12 Indigo released online and at stores over the weekend. Unsurprisingly, it sold out immediately. Now, the question is whether you should hunt down a pair for resale or what you can expect when FedEx arrives next week.

August 24, 2020

Air Jordan 12 University Gold

Better late than never, and by audience request, we’ve finally got our hands on the Air Jordan 12 University Gold for a detailed look and review. This version of the Jordan 12 is based on a player exclusive (PE) Gary Payton wore when he played for the LA Lakers as part of the first NBA super team.

August 17, 2020

Air Jordan 12 White/Dark Grey | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 12 is coming back in White/Grey for Cyber Monday. While they’re not a re-release of the beloved White/Flint Grey Air Jordan 12, they’re pretty damn close.

November 27, 2019

Air Jordan 12 ‘Reverse Taxi’ | Detailed Look and Review

Flipping a popular original colorway of the Air Jordan 12. Will the upcoming ‘Reverse Taxi’ edition be as well received as the original? While they’re not exactly a true reversal of the Air Jordan 12 ‘Taxi’, they still get the point across.

October 18, 2019

Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘Game Royal’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 12 will release in Black/Game Royal for the very first time.

September 2, 2019

Air Jordan 12 ‘FIBA’ | Detailed Look and Review

This Air Jordan 12 celebrates the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

August 19, 2019

A Detailed Look at the Women’s Jordan Brand Summer Releases

Jordan Brand brought back its women’s line in 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down in 2019.

March 15, 2019

The Best Retro Air Jordans for Basketball

If you have ever wondered which Air Jordan Retro models were the best for basketball, we’ve got you covered. Watch the video to see our guide to the best Retro Air Jordans for basketball.

September 15, 2018

Air Jordan 12 ‘International Flight’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 12 ‘International Flight’, the last model within the Jordan Brand International Flight Pack, is ready to launch this Saturday for $200.

September 6, 2018

Check Out This ‘Light Aqua’ Air Jordan 12 Retro

The Air Jordan 12 is getting another women’s exclusive colorway, and this one is a bit louder.

July 10, 2018

Air Jordan 12 Reviews - WearTesters (2024)


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